A Very American Weekend

It’s no secret that I love America and there is nothing harder than moving away from something that you love. This past weekend I got to pretend like I was in America for a little bit and let me tell you, IT WAS AWESOME.

Saturday afternoon there was an American Block Party on Regent Street. The street was filled with both American and British NFL fans enjoying American entertainment and food. I never thought I would see people in this country get so excited about football…well I mean the real kind of football, not soccer.


I think the only other time the American Flag and the Union Jack have ever flown that close together was during the Olympic games.



Above I give you Kayne Western Mac & Cheese. British people don’t typically eat Mac & Cheese, but on this very special occasion Mac & Cheese not only existed in London, but it had bacon on top. SO AMERICAN.



To end my Saturday night I found a place that actually played American College Football in London so that I could watch the UGA v. LSU game. Bodean’s BBQ is like an American haven in London with classic southern BBQ and American beers in gigantic pitchers. THIS PLACE IS GOLD.

On another note, never underestimate the power of google. I found this great restaurant by simply searching “where can I watch American college football in London,” and up popped Bodean’s BBQ with a schedule of all the games they aired. So with a few other kindred American spirits, I got to watch the Dawgs kick some Tiger tale.

London is unlike America in the fact that if your party doesn’t fill up the entire table, the waitstaff will just sit other random patrons at your table. In the case of Saturday night this turned out to work in our favor and by the end of the game we had made friends with a student from University of Alabama and two British guys.

During the game the Brits told us that they had plans to go to batting cages Sunday and the NFL game and also invited us to join them. They were apparently having an All-American weekend and who better to teach some Brits about how to be American than two American girls.



I am so bad at baseball, but it was a lot of fun. American fun.



My Sunday ended by watching an NFL game, surrounded by a bunch of British people, who I am pretty certain did not understand the majority of what was going on. For instance, if you go to a sporting event in the US and people are wearing jerseys of teams that aren’t even playing, you would be called an idiot, but here people just wore whatever NFL jersey they could find. Being two Georgia girls, Chelsey and I decided to say rise up to a few people sporting Falcons gear and they just looked at us like we were nuts.

All in all, that was probably the weirdest football game I have ever been to, but it was hilarious all the same. This weekend was exactly what I needed and it felt like a little slice of home sent all the way across the pond just for me.


Hidden Treasures

Everyday when I walk to and from my apartment to my tube stop I would walk by a sign that said Meanwhile gardens. I never walked through the gardens because I wasn’t sure where it would take me and I didn’t want to get lost. Yesterday while walking home I decided to take a chance and walk through the garden and it ended up really paying off because it offered a nice little shortcut straight to my street.

This garden is utterly charming, I mean just look at that canal.




ps. These are the first pictures I have taken since being in London AND they were on my Nokia phone.

Welcome to London, you’re lost.

For The most part this blog will consist of small entries, maybe even just one liners, but here’s a small recap of my first days in London.

A week ago today I moved my entire life to London to study Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art and boy, has this been one hell of a week.

On September 10th (Tuesday) when I arrived I had been traveling for well over 12 hours ( Valdosta > Atlanta > Toronto > London) and it was safe to say I was a wee bit jet lagged. I spent most of that first day just getting settled into my new studio and sleeping, for obvious reasons.

My studio is in a student building in Notting Hill so I spent that Wednesday morning just exploring my area, which pretty much equated to me getting lost and then attempting to google maps my way back to my apartment. I always manage to start off my journey in the wrong direction, in which case I have to awkwardly turn around mid stride to try to get my blue blinking dot back on the line google maps has drawn. (If you have ever used this iphone maps then you are most likely familiar with the blue dot I speak of.)

That night I went to a Party where I met some other students from Sotheby’s for the first time and I found everyone very nice and welcoming. My program of Art Business is the largest of all of the Masters programs, but I have managed to meet people in a wide range of majors. 

I still haven’t quite figured my way around yet, so everywhere I go I leave my house an hour early at the least, which was a good thing last Friday when I was trying to make my way to registration because I must have walked by the Sotheby’s building three times before I realized where it was. During registration I was able to see the campus for the first time…if you can even call it that. Sotheby’s looks and feels like a slightly larger New York Brownstone building. We actually have a lot of our classes at a near by campus of Birkbeck. Needless to say this is not really what I’m used to coming from UGA. 

The following Monday and Tuesday we had orientation, which consisted of lots of tea and some not so thrilling lectures. Monday however we ended our day with a reception at Sotheby’s Auction house where the prosecco flowed like water and the food was rationed like a famine. Overall a great reception where we got to meet and mingle with our classmates and professors all while being surrounded by valuable artwork. 

The reception was definitely the high point of the evening because what followed can only happen to someone with as awful luck as myself. I should have learned long ago that multitasking isn’t for me because, let’s face it, I’m a klutz. Well anyways I decided I would call my mom and brush my teeth at the same time, only just as I was trying to hang up the phone, plop, into the toilet it goes. I frantically grab my phone out of the toilet, wash it off, then proceed to panic. I have no rice, I barely have any food in my house at all, but what I do have is quinoa, so I figured it was worth a shot. I grab the bag of quinoa and the little grains go flying all over the place in my distraught state. Needless to say the quinoa didn’t work so now my 3 week old iphone is crap and as of tomorrow I will own a Nokia, just like in the 7th grade, except this time it’s a smart phone. I kind of hope it still has snake though. Snake was great.